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Gas / LPG

Natural Gas & LPG Gas experts for Sydney!

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  • Commercial
  • Residential
  • New Installations in Natural and LPG Gas
  • Gas Meter upgrades
  • Gas leaks
  • Installing appliances, such as, cook tops
  • Converting BBQ to Natural Gas
  • Gas pipe alterations
  • Relocating gas meters
  • Gas hot water repairs
  • Caravans

Installing gas appliances

Prefer to be Fishing can install gas appliances in new or old homes either to replace the existing appliances or to run a new gas line and connect this to the new appliances. Call us now to organise for us to come out and quote on installation.

Gas heating repairs

Prefer to be Fishing can help you with all your commercial and domestic hot water needs; whether it is a gas issue or a problem with the hot water heater itself we will find a solution and repair the cause of the problem.

We can repair or replace all kinds of gas hot water systems, including gas instantaneous hot water services, gas storage water heaters and boilers.

How do you know if you have a gas leak?

You should be able to tell if you have a gas leak by smelling around the gas pipes and appliances, if there is a gas pipe leak, you will be able to smell a rotten egg smell. Secondly you can check the gas meter to see if it is moving, and if it is chances are you have gas leaking from somewhere.

Gas leak emergency

Call us if you experience any of these symptoms and we will send around a gas specialist to investigate the leak ASAP. We have the latest in leak detection equipment to help us fix up the gas leak sooner.

Gas repairs and installations should always be carried out by a trained and licensed gasfitter.