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Backflow Prevention & Thermostatic Mixing Valve

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If you are concerned about preventing backflow at your property, it is important to seek advice from a fully qualified person. We have been providing high quality plumbing services in the Sydney area for many years. Our sole focus is Backflow Prevention, Backflow Installation and Backflow Testing. We are experts in the field of Backflow Services.


Prefer to be Fishing are accredited licensed plumbers who can test all of your Backflow Valves.

The Backflow Valve requires regular 12 monthly testing as per NSW Water Regulations.

After testing your Backflow Valve we will provide you a copy of the Backflow Prevention Device Inspection and Maintenance Report.

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What is backflow prevention?

Backflow prevention is the term used to refer to the prevention of an unwanted, reverse flow of water from a potentially polluted source back into the drinking water supply.

When does backflow occur?

Backflow occurs because a condition exists in a water supply system that will cause back-siphonage or back-pressure. Back-siphonage can occur on a property through a vacuum created in the water supply system.

An example of back-siphonage would be a pipeline breakage, undersized pipework or high withdrawal rates. Back-pressure can occur within properties when high pressure is generated downstream by pumps, thermal expansion or elevation.

Backflow prevention starts within a property boundary by isolating a possible contamination source from the town mains or storage tanks (rainwater tanks) from the tap or appliance.

Examples of properties requiring backflow prevention:

  • Motels and Unit complexes
  • Hotels
  • Vechicle repair workshops
  • Restaurants
  • Caravan Parks
  • Medical and Dentals surgeries
  • Dry cleaners and laundries
  • Hospitals and funeral parlours
  • Day Care Centers and Kindergartens
  • Pest Control amd Water Carrying Vechiles
  • Botanic Gardens